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I like to talk about music, design, web development, Brooklyn, good TV, bad TV, dogs, and the ridiculous tantrums of toddlers.


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Atoms, arranged in a unique pattern

Portfolio coming back eventually...

In the meantime, here are templates I have designed & built while at Squarespace:


I'm on the platform design team at Squarespace

I was the Design Director for BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn.

Previously Previously
In a past life, I was an artist. Maybe some day I'll put some proof of this online.

I make mixtapes, organized by tempo, with hand-illustrated covers: The Illuminated Mixtapes.

I like to live through YouTube: Sound + Vision.

My desert island song is Visions of Johanna by Dylan.
My desert island album is Alligator and Boxer by The National jammed onto one CD.
My desert island concert is Radiohead opening for Neil Young every night.

I have 1 wife and 1 kid. They're top-notch.

My proudest moment as a father so far:
Me—I'm the boss.
3-year-old—You're not the boss.
Me—Who's the boss?
3-year-old—Bruce Springsteen.